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A number of years ago I started seeing Guy with a view to achieving a better version of me, with the combination of fitness and true health being at the forefront of what I wanted to achieve.

I am a 47year old father of 4 young boys and am also the Managing Director of a number of companies. I have had a lengthy sporting career and as a result have suffered numerous injuries, which require constant management.

My sessions with Guy are always of the highest quality and he has a great ability to assess me on a constant basis and adjust our sessions to fit in with my current needs. His holistic approach to health and fitness are truly unique.

The combination of sessions that I do range from Traditional Resistance Training, Cross Fit, Yoga, Customized Stretching and Cardio combined with full support and recommendations for a healthy diet (including fasting). Our ongoing meditation sessions have been just what I needed to help reduce the many physical and mental stresses in my life and I feel that I am in the best position personally in my life that I have ever been.

Stuart Harrison

“Hi Guy,

I wanted to take a moment to share a few thoughts with you now that my physical development has reached a new high. And all thanks to you! I’m sure you will be pleased with my account.

As you know, we started serious training some 5 months ago and I wasn’t exactly a picture of health. I was suffering bad back, sore neck, vertigo, terrible levels of stress due to my crushing workload etc etc I was quite surprised, even a little rattled when you asked me to fast for 14 days on juice as a commencement to our training program. I was however committed to the long term benefits and stuck with it.

After 3 days of discomfort I reached a new level of wellbeing and as you recall I was able to run for 20 minutes on the treadmill while still only on liquids!! This was the first endorsement to me that your advice was working and also that your insights into health and fitness went beyond what we have been conditioned to believe about our physiology.

Now, the additional great news is that my blood tests have comeback and my cholesterol level has dived from 8.1 (pretty dangerous) to just 5.9!!! My doctor was gobsmacked and I’m not a candidate for cholesterol lowering drugs. This type of fitness training seems to eliminate the need for drugs as we are seeing from my results.

Apart from this, I am continually getting comments about my physique. I have lost over 5kg and my shape has definitely changed. 10cm of my waist is pretty impressive too! Now that I am taking the additional supplements you advised I am also getting many comments on my new complexion. “Are you sunbathing Dadhichi? Your skin is glowing and tanned!” No, I tell them, just drinking a litre of juice daily, taking supplements and most importantly my trainer’s advice.

Finally, you know we have had our moments where I sometimes disagree with you and don’t want to follow your advice. I usually submit my ego and now fell glad because the results are what count and they are visible for all to see.

Thanks for continued support. I’m committed for the long haul.”

With appreciation,
Dadhichi Toth

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Burleigh Heads Personal Training

“Hi my name is Lyn and I would like to tell you what having Guy Jefferson as my Personal Trainer has done for me.

I visited my gym quite regularly doing regular cardio workouts and various classes like Pump, Pilate’s etc. It was becoming harder to work out every week with the same enthusiasm and effort that I started with. I was not improving myself, my fitness had become stagnant, my work-outs mundane, doing the same classes every week never really pushing myself out of my comfort zone, in fact my fitness and weight control were declining. I didn’t feel good about myself at all, something had to be done.

Guy was the head trainer at my Gym. He had written a piece on Personal Training, it really impressed me what he had to say, so I decided to have a few classes. Well I did and I haven’t look back. I have been with Guy twice a week for 3 months now ( I even followed him when he started his own business) and look forward to every class. I still do various classes and work out at the gym but have found I am enjoying them a bit more with the personal training classes in between

What can I say I am feeling so much more positive about myself; my fitness and toning have just gone through the roof. Guy also helps with my goal setting, encourages, motivates and steers me in the right direction if I tend to wander off course. I’m improving every week as well as my weight. At every session we aim to work out of my comfort zone ( and boy it makes you feel good at the end of the class with what you have achieved). Emphasis is always on technique and safety be it using the weights, workout machines or even floor work. Variety is important to me, so Guy changes my routine regularly utilising the variety of work out equipment, also varying my weight and floor exercises. I never tire of the same old class anymore, classes are fresh and alive.

I have found Guy Jefferson to be the complete professional; his classes are innovative, instructive, informative and fun. I would recommend his training to anyone wanting a complete health and fitness trainer. Give it a go you won’t regret it I didn’t.”

Kind Regards,

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Burleigh Heads Personal Trainer

“The best decision I ever made was to seek help from the professional services of Innate Health Solutions who introduced me to Guy Jefferson, one of their Personal Trainers.

For the past 12 months I have been studying while maintaining a full time job. In this time I did not have much free time to exercise and I began to eat fast foods out of convenience. As a result I packed on 22 kilograms. I could not fit into any of my clothes. I was unhappy with my appearance, my heart rate was through the roof and I was always tired with no energy. My fitness levels were at an all time low, which was a concern for me knowing I had to pass rigorous physical testing to be able to continue the final phase of my studies to join the NSW Police. When I received a letter at the end of May advising me that physical testing was only 8 weeks away I panicked, I wanted someone to tell me that passing my physical testing in 8 weeks was not the impossible task I thought it was. I knew I had to make some big changes to my lifestyle and nutrition and that I needed to start making time for exercise, I had to do something fast and even though I had the determination and motivation to do whatever it took to reach my goals I needed someone to show me how to make it possible which is why I came to seek advice from a professional personal trainer.

Guy sat down with me and asked what my goals were and how often I wanted to see him. I could only afford to have a personal training session once a week so I needed a program to accommodate this. I showed him what I needed to be able to pass in 8 weeks time and I told him that I was barely at minimum pass standard for the majority of the areas I was to be tested in. I also told Guy it would be nice if I could drop a few kilos along the way, but this was not a priority, my main focus was fitness. Guy paused for a moment before I remember he was saying it was going to be very hard work to reach my goals in such a short time but he remained positive and promised me that if I did exactly what he said I would pass my physicals and meet my goals. Once we discussed everything I wanted to achieve Guy designed a fitness and nutrition program specifically suited to my lifestyle, fitness, fitness levels and my needs.

Guy came up with a strict nutritional plan outlining what food I was to eat and when I was to eat it, he educated me on the types of foods and amounts I could have as well as those foods that I could not have. The nutritional plan Guy decided for my individual needs was not hard to adhere to, the portions of food were adequate and there was plenty of variety.
He designed my exercise and fitness program so that most of my cardio work could be done at home on my own with one weekly half hour personal training session at the gym with him to work on my strength. My program was initially based around small goals that would gradually get harder each time I reached them to ensure I got results. By having the smaller goals which were ultimately working towards achieving my overall goals was a really good motivator because I could see results of getting fitter and stronger each week.

I really enjoy my sessions with Guy and look forward to them each week. Each session we discuss how my program is going and as it gets easier. Guy changes it so that is constantly a challenge for me. He works me hard in our sessions and gives me constant support and encouragement to do my best. He pushes me to my limits and beyond, giving me that extra push I need to achieve more, making me believe in myself to do things I didn’t think I could do and that I would never have attempted on my own. Every session is different and every session we have I can notice improvements in my abilities. Guy is always enthusiastic and positive about what I have achieved no matter how small or large it is. This is a great help in keeping me positive about reaching my goals.

Guy puts a lot of effort into ensuring the program he designs for me is constantly challenging and that it suits my needs and abilities. As my needs and abilities change, so does the program.

I have been amazed with results I have achieved in the limited time I have had, they have exceeded my expectations and hopes by miles. In just 10 weeks I am now 14 kilos lighter and I have lost 20cm off my chest, 6cm off my arms, 15cm off my waist and hips, 4cm off my calf and 8cm off my thigh. My fitness levels have increased dramatically, my heart rate has lowered considerably and I am a lot more comfortable with how I look. I also have a lot more energy and am not tired all the time, but most importantly I passed my physical testing with results that I never thought would be possible, especially in such a short time. I have made a promise to never go back, and to always keep physical fitness and good eating a priority and a part of my daily routine.

It makes such a difference working out with a personal trainer, I was more committed, more motivated and more educated in training my body correctly to maximise results. I wish I have come to Guy sooner.

I am proud of what I have achieved, but what I have been able to achieve is undoubtedly a direct result of the support, guidance and professional services Guy have provided me with. There is no doubt that without all of Guys dedication, expertise, motivation and support that these results would not have been possible.

I highly recommend Guy to anyone thinking about employing the services of personal trainer.”

Skye Grubb

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Surfers Paradise Personal Trainer

“I am a 61 year old male who had not been to the gym or done any exercises for over 40 years, the results were trouble walking up the drive way to the letter box because of lack of breath, I was very overweight plus I had two frozen shoulders and leaned over to one side.

I began by personal training at Innate Health Solutions in the first week of February 2008 under the guidance of Guy Jefferson. After the first couple of visits I started to enjoy the challenges. At the beginning I had found the program a little hard, but with Guys help, always being by my side giving me encouragement I got through the first twelve weeks, and the result was I lost 20kg, could move around much better enjoying life due to the eating program and the exercises devised by Guy. And the best of all the frozen shoulders were gone.

The program of exercises is varied, I was at the studio one day, at the beach the next, the park the next doing all sorts of movements and exercises, and all the time Guy was still by my side.

I have enjoyed my time at Innate Health Solutions and have done another 3 training programs getting fitter as I go along. All I can say is if you listen and do what Guy advises, you will get fitter and you will loose weight, I did and I never thought I could.

Thanks Guy”

Bill Vernon

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Personal Trainer Surfers Paradise

Thank you Guy…..that was the best, most helpful and informative hour I’ve spent in a gym.

It’s got me excited about exercising again.


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Personal Trainer Southport

Guy has been my personal trainer since September 2013.

When I first engaged him, my weight training had stagnated, I felt unmotivated & my diet was reckless. Not only did Guy expertly guide & assist me to get back on track with my strength training, he
re-educated me & expertly refined my lifting technique and at the same time taught me how to apply myself mentally to my weight training sessions, to always get the best out of them.

He is continually refining & improving my technique with his keen eye for perfect form.

Guy’s holistic approach to his clients is unsurpassed. He has prepared meal plans for me that compliment my training programs & mapped out my home training sessions to seamlessly integrate into our gym sessions.

Guy is also a master motivator, but imparts his wisdom in a way that is encouraging, not confronting.

Guy’s knowledge of health has opened my eyes to a world I didn’t even know existed, particularly in the areas of nutrition & healthy clean eating.

I’m now fitter, stronger & healthier than I was in my early 20’s thanks to Guy’s applied guidance.

Guy is a trainer that actually cares very much about his client’s overall well-being. The amount of personal energy he puts into his clients is demonstrative of care.

I unreservedly recommend Guy as a personal trainer of the highest calibre, & a person of the utmost integrity.

Brendan Madigan

October 2014.

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Personal Trainer Burleigh Heads

I have been training with Guy Jefferson for just over 12 months now, and I have to say, he has changed my Life! Not only do I weigh less (15 kilos lighter), I look the best I have looked since I was 20 years old!

I have muscles, I can walk around with no shirt on and not feel uncomfortable or self conscience. I have trained with personal trainers throughout the years, but not one of them has ever achieved the results that Guy has gotten for me. His knowledge of health and diet is second to none, and I have learnt so much about myself, my health and my well being.

Thank you Guy for helping me achieve great results physically, mentally and in my everyday lifestyle.

Ian Creaser

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Personal Training Burleigh Heads

Dear Guy

First of all I want to thank you for all your hard work in getting both myself and my daughter Stephanie on the right track to health, fitness and well being.

When we first started training with you my only goal was to have Stephanie be able to walk without constant pain.

I was extremely wary of her exercising on her own or with a group as she was totally clueless when it came to exercise.

Stephanie had suffered from a number of illnesses over the last few years (brain tumour, meningitis, chicken pox, displaced knee caps) and as a result she was extremely unfit.

Now I watch her running at high speed at the treadmill, lifting weights and boxing and I cannot believe she is the same person.

Under your guidance she never suffered from any injury but instead built up her strength and muscles so that she no longer suffers from a lot of her previous health issues.

Her self esteem has also improved. She has dropped about 18 kilos. It was previously impossible to find clothes for her but now she looks great in everything. She has dropped from a size 18/16 to a size 10/12.

I joined you as an afterthought. I figured if I had to drive Stephanie to the gym I might as well have a go. I never dreamt that I too would achieve unbelievable results.

Before I started training I was barely able to get out of bed in the morning. I was constantly depressed and stressed. My weight kept going up and I no longer seemed to have any control.

I was also terrified that I would do myself an injury by exercising as my joints were aching and I was unable to get up off the floor without a struggle.

Now I am able to run (I have never been able to jog even for a minute without hurting myself) and my strength has improved to an extent where I feel at least 15 years younger.

I have found my depression has also improved. I am no longer as moody and my colleagues have commented that I am a lot “more relaxed and nicer”.

I am very grateful you came into our lives and look forward to achieving even more personal goals with you.

Thank you!!


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Personal Training Broadbeach

At the time I met Guy I wasn’t very happy about my self – image, I had severe knee and joint pain, and I was ‘stuck’ in the same workout routine, it was time for a change!
I made the commitment, I wanted to lose body fat, improve my cardio endurance, and sculpt the whole body.

Guy carefully listened to my goals and designed a plan to suit me. Through his knowledge and expertise he assisted me to achieve my goals – pushing me to the limit in terms of exercise and monitoring what I was eating.

My results so far have been fantastic, my energy levels have soared, my confidence and sense of health have improved immensely, I exceeded my own expectations on so many levels, family and friends are even noticing the changes in me! I credit all this to Guy’s consistent attention to detail with varying my routine and him building in more challenges in each session.

In a matter of a few short months I was able to drop just under 10kgs of fat, 37.5cm combined from my arms, chest, hips, waist and thighs as well as increase my fitness levels to the point where I can now run consistently for long periods, and complete challenging weight training sessions.

These results are amazing enough but when my knees began improving, and I could walk up sets of stairs again pain free (which had not happened for years) I was over the moon!

Guy is extremely passionate about health and fitness and I admire particularly his professionalism, his positive attitude and his absolute dedication to his many clients.

I thank Guy for his commitment to me, and his constant encouragement, and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking to achieve their ultimate health and fitness goals, or simply just make some changes.

Maureen Caraco

I highly recommend health and fitness guru Guy Jefferson, to anyone that not only wants to lose weight but change their life.

Guy reprogrammed my mind. This in time was expressed in my appearance as well as my personality. I was obese (size 22 and sometimes 24) and got down to size 10 to 12. After having three beautiful children, I suffered postnatal depression. I no longer require anti-depression medication and have a husband that loves and admires me. I am more outgoing and have gained wonderful friends that I met along my journey. With my life back, I have gone back to being a professional belly dancer, a dream that seemed so far away, even dead and buried once. I am back doing what I love and am passionate about. Thanks again Guy, for giving me my life back!


Dora Wilson

“I have found that one of the most significant things that has transformed my life has been a massive improvement in my health and fitness”

This improvement has come about as a result of training with Guy. Not only have I now got the physique I want, but my health has improved immensely, and most importantly the way I feel about myself has transformed.
As a result my business has doubled, I have a lot more energy and vitality and my relationship with my family has gone to the next level.

I attribute this to the unique training that Guy provides that not only gets you fit but gives you a holistic approach to health and wellbeing that no one else I have worked with has been able to achieve.

I highly recommend you make a commitment and work with Guy.

Greg Klopper – Business Owner

After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting my body needed daily help to function.

For at least 30 years I have had to use laxatives on a daily basis. I had visited doctors, specialists, had exploratory procedures and was told I would have to take laxatives for the rest of my life. I continued for several more years and was having to take up to 7 laxatives a day just to have any bowel movement. It had completely taken over my life. I felt the situation was worsening and was looking for answers when I found Innate Health Solutions. I called Guy and a colonic irrigation treatment was recommended. His wealth of knowledge was amazing.

The guidance and support that Guy has given me has enabled me to be laxative free. In fact I have not had one laxative since my first colonic hydrotherapy session, that was 4 months ago!! My life has completely changed. I am now enjoying a wonderfully healthy diet and the results are astounding. I would recommend and encourage everyone to take a visit to Innate Health Solutions….it might just change your life too!

Margaret, Burraneer NSW