Professional diet analysis by Innate Health Solutions.

diet-analysisWelcome to Innate Health Solutions, holistic health professionals helping people lose weight and understand healthy living. Small changes in someone’s diet can lead to major improvements in their health! We have witnessed this over the years…..consistently.

Because of this, Guy Jefferson, founder of Innate Health Solutions uses a thorough & complete diet analysis & appraisal, followed by personalised recommendations to ensure that the results you desire are accomplished in the shortest amount of time.

Think of your body like a car, it’s performance, like the human body can be greatly improved by fine tuning the working on the most important part, the engine. Therefore, your health be greatly improved by implementing the same principle.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, most people think the way they eat is healthy. It is very rare a person will state outright that their diet is terrible….true?

Over the years Guy has found that continually people make the fine tuning adjustments he recommends, their health improves dramatically, many of their illnesses disappear & they lose weight (if they needed to lose weight).

Innate Health Solutions provide a thorough dietary analysis which leads to remarkable health improvements for their clients.

If you are looking for a professional that can help in diet analysis professional on the Gold Coast, then look no further than Innate Health Solutions, contact us for more information.