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When Nature Becomes Younger!

healthy-living-gold-coastIt’s common knowledge that for many decades the word “pollution” has been used to describe the poisoning of a part of the natural environment, (rivers, air, land)by man- made chemicals & waste. As a matter of fact, for the past 250 years, pollution was literally in people’s faces. There is smog ( smoke & fog) in the air, filth in the rivers & garbage in the cities.

All this pollution was visible, obvious & had an acute, adverse effect on people’s health. The Thames River in London was known to be polluted as early as the 13th Century & had become, 600 years later in 1850, a complete cesspool! By 1950 the Thames could not support marine life & was officially declared biologically dead!  Amazingly, by the year 2000, through concerted official & public efforts, the Thames was transformed with renewed signs of life, & for the first time in over 200 years, the river was clean enough to reintroduce salmon. The Thames had literally BECOME YOUNGER!

Similarly, Lake Erie of the Great Lakes was declared dead in 1965, unable to support aquatic life. Twenty years later, after a conscious effort to address the problem, the Lake was declared alive and able to sustain life.

Some rivers have been so completely toxic that they have literally caught on fire! The Cuyahoga River in Ohio, USA, caught on fire in 1969, with the flames reaching a height of 5 stories! And this was the second time this had happened to the chemically polluted river. Other rivers such as the Iset River & the Volga River in the former Soviet Union have also spontaneously combusted. Rivers bursting into fire, now if that’s not a wakeup call, then what is?

As the world continues to wrestle with such issues as greenhouse gases, carbon footprints & melting ice caps, there can be no denying that pollution of our natural environment is harmful to both the environment & individuals, but if acted on early enough, is very often reversible. Why do you think there are such huge movements worldwide trying to rectify these issues?

So, is it any surprise that pollution on the inside of our bodies also occurs? For well over 100 years it has been called toxaemia by natural therapists & some medical doctors, although the concept has been largely rejected by medical orthodoxy. Well, until recently anyway!

For many years the Environmental Working Group (EWG) in the United States of America was at the forefront of pollution investigation, analysing pollution levels of water, air & land & lobbying the legislators for appropriate action to curb this world-wide problem. They pioneered state-of-the-art measurement techniques which showed exactly what levels of pollution there were and from what source they came.

There was a book published a while ago called “Our Stolen Future”, which highlighted the possibility of the serious, adverse effect of hormone-disrupting chemicals on humans, led the EWG, in 1999, to use similar measuring techniques on humans to see if pollution occurred inside our bodies, not just in the environment. This was the first time that accurate testing of literally hundreds of toxins in the blood of human volunteers was undertaken. The results of testing for this new kind of pollution shocked all involved.

This then led to the EWG coming up with the term “body burden” in 2001, the first time that the concept of toxaemia (referred to by natural hygiene pioneers) had been scientifically validated.

The body burden, which is the build up of many things including

  • Chemicals,
  • Toxins & substances that enter our bodies from the environment
  • Food & drink we consume
  • Medicines we take
  • Chemicals we apply to our bodies

Toxaemia is the basic cause of disease, both acute & chronic!!

So, do you want the good news? The good news is that, as did the famous rivers – toxic reversal can happen in most cases in humans, and is backed by science.

Guy Jefferson has been studying health for years, and his team at Innate Health Solutions the same, so, when you start a program of consciously getting healthier, you are in fact reducing toxaemia or lowering the burden on the body!!! All our organs and systems in our bodies benefits to some degree. These include –

  • Body symptoms improve
  • Readings of blood pressure, triglycerides, cholesterol & glucose improve
  • Weight comes down
  • Muscles & joints stop aching
  • Vital organs start functioning better
  • We start to think with less brain fog
  • Our digestive systems function more efficiently.

The process of reducing toxaemia is also referred to as detoxification.

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