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weight-loss-gold-coastIn Australia the weight loss industry is a multi-million dollar industry, world-wide multi-billion! In this day and age though, there are also many people wanting to “cash in” which unfortunately can lead to many people dealing with unqualified or qualified with little experience practitioners. These people may not be giving you the best advice or have the years of knowledge that we offer here at Innate Health Solutions.

Guy Jefferson has dedicated his life to understanding, researching & learning the fundamental holistic approach to health & wellbeing. With almost 20 years in the industry, he is a veteran in his field and a true professional.

Everyone knows that there has been literally hundreds, if not thousands of weight-loss programs over the years, and the claims of success are always well presented. At the end of the day, any plan regarding weight-loss, if followed exactly how it’s intended will lose the weight. It’s not rocket science, follow the recipe, you bake a perfect cake! There are many ways to lose weight, but it also has to be healthy, there are many people out there who are thin and extremely unhealthy!

There is a consistent pattern with weight loss programs, they help you lose weight, but do they teach you how to be healthy, stay healthy and maintain health, sadly not.
Here’s a fantastic example, most people have heard of the Atkins diet, it’s a high-protein diet. The employees at Atkins admit that this particular diet is not is NOT recommended for pregnant women or breast feeding mothers…, is it healthy? Short answer, NO!

If a natural event like pregnancy is put at risk if the diet is followed correctly, then how natural can the dietary program really be? And another thing that should be noted, is that the scientific evidence proves that a high protein diet is in fact very unhealthy for you.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, in most people’s minds the diet word means a temporary way of eating to achieve weight loss, as quickly as possible in most cases, like the “Hollywood Diet” for example. The problem is we start seeing a pattern, we like to refer to this as the ”Yo-Yo syndrome”. Follow the diet and your weight comes off; you relax, your weight returns. How many times have you done that in your life? This eventually leads to frustration & sadly, health problems.

Scientific fact states that women who diet and do it with a yo-yo throughout their lives dramatically increase the risk of developing gall stones, big price, and uncomfortable price to pay for a life of unhealthy dieting.
Innate Health Solutions owner Guy Jefferson says that if the principles he shares with his clientele are followed, weight loss is rapid as well as permanent and they also have the added bonus of dramatic improved health. This process not only helps you lose weight, it allows your body to become less toxic.

Though the term “toxic” sounds terrible, it basically means you will be experiencing more energy. When you have more energy you have a more efficient metabolism. You body becomes cleaner, this then results in the person moving towards their weight goals & inner health.

Guy says “by following a detoxification & weight loss program, the body is allowed to get the best out of itself by getting rid of the worst!” Makes sense doesn’t it?
Here at Innate Health Solutions, we have a simple philosophy to weight loss, it is all natural backed by scientific principles. There are no flash in the pan gimmicks, no crazy weird and wonderful potions, just common sense diet & exercise, a holistic approach to health.

Guy shares his years of knowledge about nutrition eating to each and every client, explaining that the majority of people out there are just tired and, unfortunately will never lose weight , this is why he is so passionate about his work.

If you are looking for the very best in weight loss programs on the Gold Coast, then look no further than Innate Health Solutions, contact us for more information.