Diabetes…..another disease which has reached epidemic proportions in the modern world.

diabetes-preventionAs you might already be aware, there are 2 types of diabetes

  • Juvenile onset, or Type 1, where insulin injections are generally needed,
  • & adult-onset, or Type 2, where the blood sugar is “managed” by medication.

In the last 10 years the two types have become somewhat blurred, we are now seeing teenagers develop Type 2 & some people developing both types!

There is also an alarming increase in metabolic syndrome or syndrome X. This is the forerunner to diabetes & is marked by poor cholesterol ratios, high blood glucose, high blood pressure, high triglycerides & abdominal fatness. The underlying problem with both is poor insulin control & sensitivity, caused primarily by the western diet & life style.

Did you know that the great majority of diabetes cases do not require insulin? These cases are generally medically treated with medication to lower blood sugar (glucose), dietary advice & exercise.

Diabetes has very serious consequences to your health. Increased risk of kidney disease, cardio-vascular & stroke problems, limb amputation & diabetic eye retinopathy (leading to blindness) are just some of the issues diabetes can cause.

Over the years we have found that when a person with Type 2 diabetes adopts the nutritarian diet & life-style that we recommend here at Innate Health Solutions, the blood glucose quickly normalises within a few weeks & medication is rarely needed. Contrary to popular opinion, diabetes is not a difficult disease to overcome!

A similar situation is seen with metabolic syndrome. Rapid normalisation of blood glucose levels is followed by drops in blood lipids (cholesterol & tryglycerides), blood pressure & weight.

With Type 1 diabetes, a person can often reduce their insulin requirements noticeably, which in itself is a positive step, reducing the risk of complications.

“The Reverse Diabetes Diet” by Dr Neal Barnard (2007), President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, has shown that complete reversal of diabetes is possible with diet alone.

These outstanding results were published in the American Journal of Medicine in 2005.

Sadly, although now proven to reverse diabetes, this life-saving dietary advice is still not being recommended by diabetes support groups & most doctors & dieticians.

At the end of the day, Innate Health Solutions say….

“Why manage diabetes when you can get rid of it completely?

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