Have you ever wondered why some people get the flu while others never get it?

flu-preventionWe are told that the cause of flu is the flu virus, but everyone is exposed to many flu viruses but not everyone gets sick. So why is this?

The medical answer to influenza is 2 pronged: flu shots & physical barriers (hand washing, discreet tissue use for nose blowing, avoiding those with the flu etc).

Still, many people who follow these suggestions still get the flu, & many who don’t follow them remain flu-free, it just does not seem fair does it?

The truth is that influenza has less to do with how clean you are on the outside & more to do with how clean you are on the inside! In other words, are you living a healthy lifestyle?

The main cause of the flu is NOT the flu virus as many people believe, it is the internal condition of one’s body. The virus is an accessory after the fact. Toxemia is the main cause of the flu. This is a toxic state of the blood & tissues through factors such as poor diet & enervation (lowered vitality).
Colds & flus are simply the body’s “eviction notices”, whereby this internal toxic state is lowered through symptoms such as runny noses, expectoration (coughing up mucous), watery eyes, fever, skin eruptions & total lethargy.

The amazing intelligence of the body also takes the body’s appetite away, as well as the desire for exercise, sex & work. In other words, for this “eviction notice” to be effective, many other functions of the body become temporarily suspended to provide essential energy for internal detoxification.

NOTE : Flu shots are not needed to avoid the flu.

The bodies “Protection” comes from internal health, which in turn comes from superior nutrition & avoiding an imbalanced excessive life.

In fact, during 2009′s Swine Flu supposed pandemic, Peter Collignon, Professor of Infectious Diseases at Australian National University, stated that those who receive the swine flu vaccination have a significantly increased risk of contracting swine flu than those who don’t get the shot! His warnings were widely publicised in newspapers.

We have seen countless people over the years who have adopted Innate Health Solutions nutritarian dietary recommendations who NEVER get the flu again. This is despite them often having the flu annually for many years previously. So yes, you can avoid the flu!

If you get the flu, the treatment we recommend is not anti-viral agents like tamiflu, which have undesirable side effects. The answer really is found in doing nothing, intelligently!

Total bed rest, no food or supplements at all while in the acute stage of the illness, no suppression of the fever, water (or at most very dilute juices) only for a day or two & watch the body perform its “eviction notice”.

If the person has a history of other serious co-morbidities (heart, lung, kidney etc) then close supervision during recovery is recommended.

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