Professional healthy weight loss teachings by Innate Health Solutions.

healthy-weight-lossIt astounds us that at least 70% of the adult population carries too much weight. Obesity has become an epidemic! Basically, the human race is killing itself through bad eating habits, lack of education and industry lead campaigns with health being low on the priority list and the almighty dollar leading the charge!

At Innate Health Solutions, we regularly see patients lose substantial amounts of weight when they implement our high-nutrient-per calorie food & nutrition program. We do things a little different by focusing not on the weight of the person, but the ENERGY & HEALTH of the person. It is a holistic approach.

Tired people NEVER lose weight!

Guy Jefferson, founder of Innate Health Solutions has been saying this for almost 20 years, it is just only recently that science has proven it. Helping our patients apply natural holistic principles quickly sees their energy return and not only do their health problems improve, but at the same time their weight comes off, much to their joy.

Over the years, we have seen the conventional approach to losing weight focus on exercise & calorie reduction or restriction. People tell us they exercise, go to the gym regularly, increase their low-fat, low-carb foods & end up getting more tired & more frustrated. This is because going through this process does not lead to sustained weight loss. So before you waste your time……exercise & calorie control do not work!

When you apply the principles of Innate Health Solutions, and the philosophy of Guy Jefferson, building natural energy and weight loss occurs as a result. So, it really becomes something of a side effect, apply the principles taught to you and reap the rewards.

Throughout Guys extensive career, he has learnt that to help people lose weight, he helps them regain their natural energy, and in turn they become less toxic! This process is often called detoxification. Becoming less toxic means becoming cleaner on the inside!

The cleaner your system is, the cleaner and more efficient your metabolism becomes, which in turn leads to easy, automatic & natural weight loss. How does that sound?

And as a bonus, the person who is following our program actually reverses their biological age. This means they become younger, and we all want that.

So, at the end of the day, utilise our knowledge and get more energy, less toxic, lighter & younger!

If you are looking for a professional that can help with your healthy weight loss program on the Gold Coast, then look no further than Innate Health Solutions, contact us for more information.