Disease Prevention

How do we prevent diseases?

disease-prevention-gold-coastThe science today is clear…….we do NOT have to endure most common illnesses & diseases as we age!!

The human body has the amazing ability to self-repair self-heal & self-develop. Indeed, these principles govern all life-forms.

These profound principles have been supported by modern science & verify what natural health advocates have been stating for centuries………….The healing power of nature.

The same as health requires many factors, so does disease. The causes of diseases are multi-factorial.

Are you aware that most of these factors are within our own control? So, in other words, we can change them by modifying our own habits & behaviours.

What are these modifiable factors

  • Quality of our nutrition
  • Exercise
  • How we cope with stress & pressure
  • Our rest & sleep patterns
  • Our stimulant habits such as caffeine, tobacco, alcohol & other drugs,

These are all things we can do something about!

Included here would be our contentment &happiness level as well as the quality of our relationships, both with family & friends and work collegues.

There are a few factors over which we have no control over whatsoever

  • Our genes
  • Our infancy & childhood
  • Accidents

We know from experience that by modifying the factors over which we have control and accepting those over which we have no control, most chronic diseases can be significantly improved, if not completely reversed.
By applying the principles taught at the Innovative Health Solutions clinic, not only can you prevent most diseases, you can also reverse them.

If a person is serious about their health & are willing to implement our clinics time-proven suggestions, noticeable improvement is a predictable outcome.

Please contact our clinic for your first consultation regarding disease prevention.