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gold-coast-personal-training8 We are a friendly dual disciplinary health & fitness business offering expert personal training Gold Coast services along with natural health and healing guidance. We use old school naturopathic philosophy that has been tried and proven for over 150 years in assisting individuals in overcoming and preventing a whole array of health ailments.

We combine the latest in cutting edge exercise techniques to get your body into peak physical shape whilst advising you on the correct way to nurture your body. We achieve this by providing sound nutrition advice along with education on other vitally important lifestyle factors that will have you soaring to new levels of health & fitness in next to no time.

The fitness industry today is an arena that offers much conflicting information, to the point that it can be a sea of confusion for many people looking to get fitter with the help of a professional. There are many different approaches to almost everything from nutrition to the type of exercise to perform, but really the only sound way is the way that works. Many times I see trainers providing advice to people based on their own experiences in the fitness industry, fitness alone does not provide health. To teach a person about health, we must first have a philosophy on health and more importantly an understanding. It is of no use to help a person lose weight through following a less than sound and conventional nutritional plan for them to end up with an auto immune disease, gall stones or heart disease further down the track. Health education combined with an appropriate fitness regime is the answer.

In over 20 years of involvement in the fitness AND the health industry (and yes there is a vast difference between the two) in one capacity or another, I have seen just about every fad come and go. One principle that I have learnt is that similar to life you are either a jack of all trades or a master of one. Both Health & Fitness are my ‘trades’ for want of a better term. These two disciplines are all that I know. I have taught both health & fitness in either a practical or clinical setting now for over two decades as a Master Personal Trainer, Naturopath and Nutritional Researcher.

“When you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for everything”

personal-trainingThe biggest lesson for me was learning the principle that Health & Fitness are two completely different ‘disciplines’. One may be extremely fit but possess little health, and one may display great health but have little to no physical conditioning. Far too often in the fitness industry we hear the terms ‘Health & Fitness’ merged into one. This is a mistake of gigantic proportions. Confusing fitness with health not only leads to more confusion in two industries that have more mis-information than any other (in my opinion), but can be fatal. Prescribing exercise, particularly the wrong type, to a drastically unwell person on a standard Australian diet (SAD), can lead to many more health complications than they may presently be experiencing.

Exercise can be our best friend and our worst enemy, hence it is a double edge sword. To be effective, exercise must be appropriate in prescription, and only embarked upon if the individual is on an appropriate diet (not the SAD – Standard Australian Diet) and following a healthy lifestyle, otherwise it can have deleterious effects to one’s health. This fact surprises many people.

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Personal Training Terms and Conditions

  • Cancellation policy for personal training sessions is strictly 12 hour notice or clients are liable for the session cost.
  • Personal Training Packages purchased require full payment in advance. Strictly no refunds.