Another condition increasing around the western world is Asthma.

asthma-treatmentsAsthma is a chronic inflammation & congestion of the airways in the lungs, leading to breathing difficulties of varying severity. Affecting children & adults, in its most severe form it can even be fatal.

The conventional treatment involves preventative (prophylactic) drugs taken daily & strong, suppressive drugs to treat an acute attack.

There is no doubt that in a severe attack where the person cannot breath, drugs are necessary & life-saving. However, it is Innate Health Solutions view (& many other practitioners, including many medical doctors) that prophylactic drugs are health-destroying in the long-run & weaken the lungs, making them more “twitchy”.

Tragically, diet is not seriously considered as a cause of asthma in medical circles; however, asthma is without doubt diet-related. We have helped many asthmatics return to excellent health after adopting the health principles we implement and know work.

The earlier the person who suffers asthma makes these critical & health-restoring changes, the greater the chance of complete disease reversal. Conversely, the longer the asthmatic takes strong, cortizone- based drugs, the more difficult it becomes to completely reverse this condition.

In extremely severe cases, a period of therapeutic fasting works wonders, the person breathing easily within a few days. This fasting must always be done under professional supervision by someone with experience, as fasting is a specialty itself.

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